Motorola Cable unlocking Instruction Via USB Redirector

This is a permanent and a few minutes process.

First, we start with ‘FACTORY MODE’ process.

Follow these steps to get into FACTORY MODE.

  • Turn off the MOTOROLA phone and unplug USB cable if MOTOROLA phone is connected to your computer.
  • Then, Press volume up .. volume down and power button. all 3 buttons together for a few seconds.

  • Now press volume down button 2 – 3 times and select FACTORY MODE BY pressing the power button

  • Phone will reboot and show you a notification ‘commserver has started’ or ‘android logo’. It means you are in FACTORY MODE.

Your MOTOROLA phone is READY ( Don’t connect it ).

  • Restart computer and open the USB REDIRECTOR file ( frp.exe ).

We will send you a remote technician address.

  • Enter the Technician address and hit the connect button.
  • Connect the phone to computer on step 1

  • USB redirector will move to step 2

  • Type’ IP ADDRESS’ on the google search bar and send us Your public IP.

  • We will start servicing your device and unlock it in a few minutes.

Note: It is a rare case but the unlocks process can take up to 30 minutes. please be patient for it.

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