How to Unlock a MOTOROLA phones via USB cable method

This is a permanent & safe method and works for all MOTOROLA phones.

Please follow these steps.

First step:

Note: Do not create flexihub account. we will send email and password to log in.

Second Step:

Next steps is:

Get into FACTORY mode

  • Turn off the MOTOROLA phone and unplug the USB cable, if connected to computer.


  • Press volume up .. volume down and a power button .. all 3 buttons together for a few seconds.

  • Press volume down button 2 – 3 times and select ‘FACTORY MODE’ BY pressing power button.

  • Your Motorola phone will reboot and show you a notification ‘Commserver has started’ or ‘Android logo’ on top of screen ( takes a few seconds, please wait for it )

  • Then tap on ‘commserver’ notification and allow all permissions.

The last step is:

  • Log in to flexihub and connect MOTOROLA phone to the computer via USB cable. we will unlock.We will send you Login Token (user/pass)

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