Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Having various questions in mind about how to and why to unlock your phone? Well, worry no more. Well, we have gathered some frequently asked questions for you along with their answers. If you still have any other question in mind, you can always contact us 24/7. Our support team will help you resolve your problem.

Q – How To Find IMEI Of My Device?

The IMEI is a 15 digit code, which is used to identify your Device. Finding IMEI is really easy and you don’t want to do any hard work for that either. There are many different and easy ways by which you can easily find out the IMEI of your Device

1-Find the IMEI of your Device by dialing “*#06#” from your device’s keypad.

2- You can also look for the IMEI at you Device’s Box, the IMEI is usually printed on that.

3- Any one can always find the IMEI from the settings of your phone.

4- Another way of finding the IMEI is by removing the back cover, the IMEI is mentioned under the cover.

Q- Why Do I Need To Unlock My Phone?

Unlocking the Phone will let you use your Device with any Network SIM card of your choice globally, which means you can travel the world with your precious phone and can use it with any local SIM card.

Q- Do I Need To Unlock My Device/Phone Every Time I Use It With Different Network?

Well the answer to your troublesome question is “No”. You don’t need to unlock it every time you swap a new SIM Card. The Unlocking Service that Attunlockcode provides is a One-Time and Permanent Service.

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