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Apple iPhone 6 with wide screen and rounded corner's Dummy show off

Posted on 18th Apr 2014 @ 9:34 AM

A feature, and a few pictures taken at a gadgets reasonable in Hong Kong, show off a counterfeit up of the Apple iphone 6. Despite the fact that what we are taking a gander at is just a section of metal, we can see the framework of the bigger screen and the adjusted corners. The early buzz is that the following cycle of the iphone will take its outline signals from the Apple ipad Air, and the Apple ipad smaller than usual with Retina show. Prior, there was theory that the telephone might be only 6mm thick and named the Apple iphone Air.



Since the Apple iphone 6 will be a cabin industry unto itself, the case makers who get their item out first have an enormous head begin. That requires these producers to either take exorbitant conjectures, get solid data from overall set sources, or only hold up for the telephone to be divulged. Since the last is not a choice, and the first is excessively unsafe fiscally, the false up could be introducing a reasonable take a gander at the span of the iphone 6 screen and the gadget itself.